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Write a Paragraph —- —– A Day Labourer

A Day Labourer

A Day Labourer is he who does heavy manual labour in various fields. He also does unskilled manual work. He is quite known to all. For his work purpose, he is to be healthy strong, and stout. He is usually employed in agricultural or construction work. So that he needs more strength than skill. He is a physical worker. Usually, he lives with his family in a slum. He needs to get up early in the morning and goes out in search of work. Sometimes he goes out without taking his breakfast. A day labourer leads a very miserable life with his family members. He is the only earning member of his family. But he doesn’t earn a lot of money. With the little amount of daily income, he maintains his family. For the reason of poverty, his children can not be educated. He works hard from Dawn to dusk for his employer and gets his wages at the evening. Then returns to his slum with daily necessities and cheap products. He always dependent on his employer. When he gets more work he earns more and then he and the member of his family eat to their heart’s content. Sometimes he and his family pass a day without food if he cannot manage work. Durning harvest his work is in great demand and he earns more. But when there is less or no work his sorrows know no bounds. They become clever sometimes to their employer and want more money. It is because of his poverty. But the employers do misbehave with them most of the time. Sometimes he works in the field, in construction projects, digs soils, breaks bricks, etc. At the end of his work, he gets his payment and becomes very happy. He tries to save something from this. But when he gets no work his life is at stake. As he is unskilled labour, his wage is very low and he lives below the poverty line.