All about English Literature: The Age of Chaucer (1350-1400)


The Age of Chaucer (1350-1400)

The fourteenth century was a period of great politicalsocialreligious and literary activity. Politically it was a period of the hundred year’s was which released and strengthened the feelings of national consciousness and patriotism in England, people began to realize that they were English men and the idea of a holy empire evaporated from their thoughts, from the point of view it is called “The age of Chaucer”, the golden age of English poetry, the age produced five writers of note, one of whomGeoffrey Chaucer is one of the greatest of English writersChaucer is known as the father of English poetry that doesn’t mean that there was no poetry or poets in England before him.

But before Chaucer; there was no national language; there were merely a number of regional languages Chaucer used one of there languages. The East Midland– and by the force of him genius raised it to the level of the national language of England. He was therefore, both the father of English poetry as well as the father of English language.Chaucer

He is the first national poet of England. There were other poets also as- John GowerWilliam Langland but there poetry is little read and enjoyed today, while Chaucer continues to be as fresh and enjoyable as when he lived and wrote. Chaucer was born in London in 1340His father was a dealer in wine. At the age of seventeen he became a servant in the house of John Gauntthe Duke of Lanchester. In this way he began his connection with the court.

He went several times to Europe one diplomatic missions and acquired wide knowledge of man and his life. Though he never got the benefit of any university education, in later life he worked as controller of customs and justice of the peace. He died in the year 1400. His chief works are – The book of the DuchessThe parliament of FowlsThe house of fame Troilus and CriseydeLegend of good women; and the Canterbury tales.

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