Are you scared of Something?

Are you scared of Something

Are you scared of Something?

We are human beings and it is completely normal to be scared of something in life. But have we ever questioned ourselves why are we scared of certain things? It can be fear of lose, fear of betrayal, fear of rejection it can be anything. But when we hold on to that fear and make it an undeniable part of our lives, it becomes a phobia.

One search in the google will find thousands of scientific facts about fear and methods to overcome it. But we need to generalize the matter and make it easy for the people who are constantly struggling in their day to day lives. I am no psychologist. But I can take you down  to the path where you may find an answer you always wanted to know.

Now think about something that bothers you, makes you feel scared. For example, the ghost from your gandma’s stories. A crippled face, sharp bloody jaws, long dirty nails, big red eyes, skeletons, white filthy clothed or naked green monsters perhaps, under your bed, standing behind you or might even appear while you were doing shampoo closing your eyes. You were very much scared that you did not go anywhere without someone who you believed was not scared and could protect. All these features belong to an imaginary monster that we are not familiar with. Because those were not some features we see everyday. In our mind, we call it abnormality. Something unusual that cause fear in our head. We are scared about what we are not used to. 

In the same vein, we can all relate with some situations we never want to face out of fear. Like the fear of “Failure”. Besides unfamiliarity, there is another reason that causes fear. Which is, getting worked up with the consequences. We often predict the results of our decisions. That is in fact necessary. But when we overthink until we end up stepping back from doing something very important for our lives, is pretty harmful. Overthinking creates lack of confidence. Eventually we get scared. 

How do we overcome then? No need to panic. Relax and take a few deep breaths. Then break down the situation. Think about reasons. If your fear is about a dead body, simply think it is lifeless, it cannot harm you because it cannot move. Even if it moves it is maybe because the nerves are still functioning which will end in seconds or a minute. Or maybe someone is doing a disgusting prank. Again if your fear is betrayal, convince the fact that people betray when they are insecure most of the time. Make yourself as independent as ever so that no betrayal, no lie can harm you. Building a strong personality, maintaining basic manners, following ethics and most importantly being honest will make you fearless and confident. These will not happen in one day. Give yourself time and care. Do it little by little. Never give up. You are unique and you will do great.

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