As you like it William Shakespeare Translation part 4

As you like it William Shakespeare Bangla Translation part 4

As You Like It – Shakespeare – Translation – 4

Orlando is back near home. At that time he met his old servant Adams. Seeing him, Adam said, “Listen, little master! If you want to save your life, don’t enter the house anymore. Your older brother Oliver himself arranged for you to be killed by the murderer Charles. He is furious to hear that you have lost to Charles in wrestling, and intends to burn you tonight. So I say to you, if you want to save your life, don’t enter this house anymore. ”

“Where will I go if I don’t enter the house?” Orlando said, “Do you want me to roam the streets like a beggar or live like a fox-dog by stealing and bullying?” Better a poor horse than no horse at all. ”

“I’m not saying that, little master,” said Adam, interrupting. “I have set aside five hundred crowns from the salary your father paid me when I was alive.” Now you take that money. Later, when he stands on his own feet, he has to pay. And right in front of you, Oliver fired me. Now I will go wherever you take me, I will serve you as long as I can. ”

Orlando’s eyes filled with tears when she heard Adam say, “Oh Adam! You want to save a rotten tree. But will it bloom in the end? ”

Your father, Sir Roald D’Boy, was the ruler of the world. Today he is no longer with us. Even at the age of eighty, I am still working for you. It is my good fortune to be able to die in peace without mine. Go to Orlando! You go ahead, I’m coming after you?

The Duke’s royal rent Touchstone man is very innocent and faithful. He loves Rosalind and Celia very much. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Thousands of young women, if a man with a man can be trusted. He agreed to talk to Touchstone about their plan. Late the next night, Rosalind, Celia, and Touchstone left the palace, unnoticed by the guards. At one point on foot they crossed the state border and reached the deep forest of Arden. Waking up in the morning, the Duke learns that Rosalind and Celia have left the palace in the middle of the night – they also have a royal rental touchstone. He also heard from Celia’s personal maid, Hesperia, that they had talked for a long time after eating and drinking the night before – Orlando’s name was also occasionally heard in it.

The Duke suspects they escaped with the help of Orlando, and took Celia with them to teach her. The Duke immediately sent sepoys to his house to capture Orlando. When the sepoys arrived, they found out that Orlando had fled without telling anyone. The Duke became furious at not being able to catch Orlando. He summoned Orlando’s older brother, Oliver, to the royal court. Oliver came and told Orlando that he had fled without telling anyone. But the Duke did not believe him. He assumed that the sons of his eternal enemy, Roland D’Boy, had begun a new feud with him. The news of Orlando will come out as soon as Oliver is pressured. At the same time, it will be easier to rescue Celia.

Oliver never convinced the Duke that Orlando had anything to do with him, even though he was a younger brother. The Duke confiscated Oliver’s house, possessions, money, and drove him out of the country. Despite many cries, Oliver could not melt the Duke’s mind. The Duke made it clear to Oliver, “There is no point in crying. If you can take Orlando and bring it to me then you will get everything back, otherwise, if you come back to this state you will get your neck. I hope he will remember. ”

Thus Oliver lost everything and left the kingdom. Oliver realized that depriving his younger brother of his ancestral property would have to be hand-picked in this way.

The exiled duke took refuge in the dense jungles of Ardenne with a few friendly nobles and courtiers. To satisfy their hunger, they hunt deer with bows and arrows, and they all sit under a tree and eat deer meat cooked with ecstasy. One of the Duke’s companions, named Amiens, sings and forgets everyone’s sorrows. He wanders in the forest singing songs in his mind, he says many things through songs. He says, “Man is the absolute enemy of man. But when they come to this forest, everyone forgets the enmity. All those who want to come to this shady forest and spend a few days happily with me, break the barriers and come here. ”

Another companion of the exiled Duke, named Jacques, was himself a philosopher. He finds the supply of thoughts in everything around him. The Duke not only listens to Amien’s songs, he also likes to hear the words of the great philosophers in Jacques’s mouth.

One afternoon, while the Duke was sitting down to eat with his companions in the shade of a tree, a healthy young man appeared with a sword in his hand.

Holding a sword in his hand, the young man said, “I have an old man with me. He is very tired from hunger and thirst. He does not have the ability to walk. Meanwhile, I have left him lying under a tree. It’s okay if you give food to him if you feel good, otherwise, I will be forced to take food for him. I am hungry but I do not want anything for myself. I can’t stand the old man squirming in front of me without eating. ”

The Duke said calmly, “Listen, young man, you can take as much food as you like for the old man.



As you like it As you like it As you like it As you like it As you like it As you like it