Cold Calling is the most essential skill

Cold Calling is the most essential skill

Cold Calling is the most essential skill that a salesperson should have. Without cold calling, the salesperson will fail to convince a customer. To become a successful salesperson he/she has to develop cold calling skills. Cold calling is the best way and most economical way to develop prospects on an ongoing basis and to get appointments with huge sales. Cold-calling is an activity in sales when reps reach out to potential customers who haven’t expressed any interest in the offered products or services. The Cold-calling technique refers to solicitation of a prospect through different channels like telephone or over phone call without having any prior contact with the salesperson. It’s a massive challenge to deliver a sales pitch to someone who has never heard about you. Let’s get some tips and techniques to improve sales by cold-calling skill

#Be an actor, not a robot
Write a script by researching about the company and customer. Follow the script and talk like an actual person. But don’t just read the script, summarize your purpose and tell a story. Start with greetings and talk like a chilled person. Use open-ended questions to start the conversation. Then be prepared to listen, not just wait for your turn. After that when you are going to answer the customer’s objections, don’t skip the common question either you may start with this.

#Find a calling schedule that works
The first thing a salesperson should keep in mind that when he is calling. By keeping track of when customers are more likely to answer the call, and when they’re likely to speak. The salesperson should schedule the calling time and avoid the rush hour. Structure the timetable into two parts, one is offensive and the other is defensive.

#Putting ego inside
Sometimes it happens that the customer may not answer the call immediately due to some reason, so the salesperson should keep patience and should not react without knowing the reason. Again then a customer could hang up the phone or not concentrate on your topic. Like this situation, the salesperson has to keep his ego inside and not be frustrated. He/She has to control his ego and try to keep calm. Rejection is a necessary part of all sales activity, from prospecting through close, inbound, and outbound. No one closes 100% of their prospects.  If someone says no, but is nice about it, ask why not. Run a practice call with a colleague and have them shut down in the rudest way possible. Remind yourself that at least it wasn’t as bad as that rejection. Remind that a salesperson’s duty is to help his customers.

#Show Reference

It’s a great way to start a conversation with an unknown person by giving references. For example: “ Hello Mr. Ahad-Uz-Zamman, I am a friend of your partner Tawhidul Islam, CEO of X company”. In this way, he/she will get a clear idea about you and your connection. It will give him the interest to listen to you as well as you will get extra benefits as he has some responsibilities toward your referred friend. So, giving the reference is a must while having any first call.

#Be Convenient and briefly descriptive:
After hearing your expression, he will be eager and ready to hear from you. At this stage, you’ll say why you have called for them and how he can play a role in this regard. It may turn out bad if you continue talking for a longer period of time. You have to keep in mind that it’s a dialogue process, not a scripted monologue. Take a little time as possible in your cold call to ensure that the next time you speak to them it’s in their office, or better yet, over some linguine and wine.


#Offer a Benefit for what he will do:  
Robert B.Cialdini’s book,” The Psychology of Persuasion “, shows how compromise or benefit can be a powerful force for human relations. Basically in the corporate world, nobody does anything without benefit. So you have to make him understand why he should be engaged, how he will be benefited by cooperating with us. Overall, you have to practice a lot. Practicing will help you to settle down for what you really need or look for.

Would like to draw an ending by sharing one ideology, 

” Always try to have a better relationship with the client which remains for a longer period of time.”


Cold calling plays a significant role in the field of any formal communication.  For business deals, partnerships, mutual benefit proposals, we need to know the proper way of calling. Due to the lack of proper knowledge, we often make mistakes and fail to achieve the goal for which we set to achieve by cold calling. 

If you want to be more familiar, more close and have a better deal with an unfamiliar person easily, cold calling can help you.  And if you put in enough effort,  in the end, the expected result will exceed your expectation. 

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