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Write a Composition ———- Computer

Composition Computer
Composition Computer

Composition Computer


Science is like a blessing to us. We can not even think of a single day without an invention of science. The computer is one of the wonders of modern science. It is a fairly recent invention. It has now become an essential part of modern life. It has made our way of life easy and comfortable. We cannot do anything today without a computer.

A computer is basically a processor of information. Any device that helps people perform mathematical calculations may be called a computer. In 1973, Howard Akin, an American scientist invented such a machine that could do difficult sums and it was called the computer. Today’s computer is a special kind of electronic machine that can perform mathematical calculations and process large masses of information at a great speed. A computer performs three functions. Firstly it receives data, secondly, it processes data. Thirdly it emits data. Every computer has a machine language of its own and accordingly it works. Nowadays computer means a digital computer. It can do hundreds of things more than an analog computer. Digital computers are of four types–microcomputers, minicomputers, mainframe computers, and supercomputers. Computers are made in different forms also. It is not only a monitor and CPU. Embedded systems such as ones in the washing machines or air-conditioners are also computers designed to do a single specific task rapidly.

Computers are widely used in banks, insurance companies, educational institutions for data Storage, processing and output, etc. Computers are also used for telecommunications, air traffic control, navigation of ships and aircraft, etc. In the field of medical diagnosis and printing computers are doing wonders. A new developing section of computer technology is robotics Robots are being made to help humans in their tasks, especially the dangerous and hard ones. The computer has made our life easier and enjoyable. It has brought for mankind such comforts as a man can never dream of even in a fairyland. It is the latest miracle that has brought about a revolutionary change in man’s life and in the application of science for the benefit of mankind.

The computer is a medium of education in developed countries. The students of the developed countries use computers to prepare their lessons. They learn so many things within the shortest possible time from computers. Results of various examinations are prepared accurately with the help of a computer within the shortest span of time. Nowadays in almost every country, a computer is used to diagnose many diseases. In medical science, a newer process of operation has been invented by the computer that works as an alternative to surgery. Again, the computer is used to grind stones in normal pathological tests.

Composition Computer Composition Computer Composition Computer Composition Computer  Composition Computer Composition Computer Composition Computer Composition Computer


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