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Composition Newspaper
Composition Newspaper



A newspaper is a paper that carries news to us. It tells us what is happening at home and abroad. It is called the store-house of knowledge and information.


A man can be benefited in many ways by reading a newspaper. It provides us with different news and views of the current world. It is said that a good nation must have a handsome amount of newspaper readers. In my opinion, a newspaper can influence a person more effectively than other forms of information media.


China was the first country to introduce newspapers. The Indian Gazette was the first printed newspaper in our sub-continent. It was published in 1774.


Newspaper benefits us in many ways. people get current information, news, and views of the country as well as of the world.


There are many kinds of newspapers. They are dailies, weeklies, monthlies, quarterlies, etc. The daily newspapers contain the news of daily affairs of home and abroad. The other papers publish stories, poems, essays, etc. The Daily Ittefaq, the Dainik Bangla, the Inkilab, the Jogantar, the Prothom Alo, the Sangbad, the Bangladesh observer, etc. are the daily newspapers in our country.


There are different pages on different issues in a newspaper from which readers get different types of news. A man can know about what is happening in the country’s political arena sitting at home. A student can also be benefited from a newspaper. There are pages of education from which students can learn many things about English, Bengali, Mathematics, Geography, Science and other subjects. we can also know about international politics and affairs by going through the international page.


Those who are regular readers of the international page are very much aware of the geographical and political affairs of the world. By going through the editorial column, a reader can know about the analytical explanation of a thing or affair. we can learn about our country’s economy, its business affairs and many other statistical things from the business page sports page is a popular one to the sports-loving readers. The page provides them with the latest news about sports and games. Religion and religious analysis are also found in a newspaper.

Newspaper is very useful to us. we cannot think of the modern world without it. It has made the world smaller. It helps people to express their opinions. It has a great educative value. Through newspapers, we may know the market conditions, game, and sports, political situations, etc. of any country.


A newspaper is not free from evils. It has some demerits also. Sometimes it publishes false news. It excites public feelings.


We cannot think of a day without a newspaper. The more we can read newspapers, the more we can acquire knowledge. We should cultivate the habit of reading newspapers to broaden our knowledge. A man who develops the habit of the reading newspaper becomes an enlightened person. So, everybody should read a newspaper regularly.

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