How is COVID 19 affecting our mental health

How is COVID 19 affecting our mental health

How is COVID 19 affecting our mental health


Days are going too long for everyone. Maybe this is the first time, when classes are off still no student is happy. The empty roads are singing the sound of sadness. Though nature has become very fresh, this is not enjoyable. Everyone is scared. Anytime the virus can come to one’s life and destroy that person. People aren’t stepping outside the home. The poor people are starving. All are asking their almighty creators to set everything right, to lighten up the world again with bright faces, to save everyone’s life. The helpless stray animals are also suffering much because they are not getting food. In this situation, many people are showing their love towards people by donating necessary things to those who are in need. The army is roaming around to ensure no one is outside the home and everyone is maintaining protective objects. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has likely brought many changes in our life. Because of this pandemic situation, we are in lockdown and many of us are suffering from mental health like stress, anxiety, sadness, loneliness. Some of us are scared of getting sick. Many of us are worried about how long the pandemic will last and what the future will bring. 

We are getting bored by maintaining the same routine every day. All around us, people in our personal and professional lives are experiencing various types of emotional disturbance in response to COVID-19, so it is little wonder that calls to helplines continue to surge. 

We are sad, frustrated, and irritable because we are isolated. We grieve the lost lives we know about and those we don’t. We fear the consequences of our own exposure to the virus. We fear the risks we potentially pose to others. We worry about our finances in our collapsing economy, about our ability to be employed with dignity, and grieve over losing what must be left behind as a result of the unknown future of COVID-19. 

Time will tell whether and to what extent COVID9 causes direct neuropsychiatric effects, via what pathways, and to what extent the mental health impact is reflective of general pandemic situation issues related to fear and stress, uncertainty, loneliness, loss, and grieving related factors.

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