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Write a Composition —— Duties Of a Student

Duties Of a Student
Write a Composition ——Duties Of a Student

Duties Of a Student


Students are the future leaders of the nation. In the future, they will lead the nation. So, they should be prepared properly so that they can lead the country towards peace and prosperity in future, Students main duty is to study and acquire knowledge. Alongside their studies, they have many more duties and responsibilities which they must carry out in order to be good citizens and true men. Student life such as truthfulness the time for preparation, they have to develop many good virtues in them modesty, honesty in thought and action, obediencé to their parents and superiors, discipline inhabit, etc. Studies being their main duty, they must be attentive and devoted to their studies so that they can be educated. Without being properly educated, they will not be able to carry out their duties properly in their professional Life.

Duties Side by with their studies, students have to participate in various co-curricular activities such as scout, debating, writing in college magazine games and sports, etc. Without participating in these students cannot properly grow physically and mentally. Participation in these students’ latent talents and enables them to grow into perfect men. Good des one of the main traits of human beings. As such, in order to be ideal men, things students should cultivate the good qualities of character.”They should be truthful, honest, sincere in their activities and thought, helpful to other people in society, etc. Without developing these virtues, students cannot be good citizens and ideal men in society. They can also eke out their resources by earning some little money as a result of their social service. They can help in the eradication of social evils like infant marriages, casteism, untouchability, etc.

During their vacation students can organize night schools in villages and thus be helpful in solving the problem of illiteracy. They can instill political consciousness in the villagers and can tell them their rights in the democratic setup of the country. During times of war, students can organize civil defense operations and look after the families of those who have actively engaged in fighting against the enemy.

Students should always keep in mind that health is wealth. So, they must be careful about their health. They should follow the rules of health. Without being healthy and strong, they cannot utilize their knowledge properly and enjoy life.

A student’s life is a time when he sows of his future life. Therefore, he should prepare his lessons regularly and proper use of time. He /she should not waste time idly. A student should bear in mind that if he does not perform his duties in time, he would suffer in the long run.Duties Of a Student Duties Of a Student Duties Of a Student Duties Of a Student  Duties Of a Student Duties Of a Student Duties Of a Student Duties Of a Student


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