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Write a Composition —- Environment Pollution

Environment Pollution
Environment Pollution

Environment Pollution

The problem of environmental pollution has taken a terrible shape in today’s world. All the countries of the world, especially the coastal poor, are most concerned about environmental pollution. Bangladesh is not out of this list, Bangladesh is also a serious victim of environmental pollution. As a result of environmental pollution, our country is heading towards a catastrophic disaster.

All our surroundings including air, water, soil, trees, animals, etc. make up our environment. When the normal relations among these elements of nature are disturbed, the ecological balance is hampered and it is called environmental pollution. It is a pity that the main elements of the environment which are essential for all living beings are being polluted in many ways. The smoke from factories and motor vehicles contains harmful substances like carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. These have hampered the cleanliness of the air. Mills and factories set up by riverbanks let out chemical wastes in the river water. These poisonous substances are destroying the plants and creatures of the water bodies. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in agriculture are also polluting the water. When people drink this water or take a bath in the polluted water, they are attacked with stomach and skin diseases. Environment pollution may be controlled by taking different measures. We may increase afforestation. If trees are planted in large numbers, we can be benefited in different ways.

Trees also increase rainfall and prevent air pollution. Laws should be passed to prevent factories from dumping wastes into rivers. If environmental pollution is not prevented, human life will be endangered like other animals on earth. To prevent environmental pollution, trees need to be planted on a large scale all over the country. Tree planting should be turned into a social movement and everyone should be made aware of this.


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