Foods that help to fight Acute and Chronic Diseases

Foods that help to fight Acute and Chronic Diseases

Foods that help to fight Acute and Chronic Diseases

Our everyday food habits and body maintenance make a great deal in our lives. As these can have long-lasting effects, they must be taken care of on an everyday basis.
The fruits and vegetables we eat have great food value we often do not acknowledge. Some contain the ability to fight against diseases may they be chronic or acute. But only eating healthy is not enough. Our daily lifestyle is equally important. It includes exercises, water consumption, sleeping habit, work pressure, and many more.

According to Willett, Koplan et al(n.d) that WHO(2002) said, diseases like coronary artery disease, ischemic strokes, diabetes, and some cancers are now the main reasons for mortality rate in first world countries. But in African or other developing countries, these diseases are almost non-existent. Many studies have shown that the rates in both cases vary on food habits and lifestyle. This means these chronic and acute diseases can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle without spending a huge amount of money on drugs and treatments.  

According to Sapkota(2020), chronic and acute diseases have huge differences. Acute diseases are diseases that do not last long but can do great harm if not taken care of. Chronic diseases stay longer and cause harm in that long period of time and are sometimes not diagnosed until it too late like stage-3 cancer or so on. 

The acute disease can be caused by germs, infections suddenly and rapidly. They can affect the whole body but once at a time. They do not have long-term effects and can also be treated once and for all. Most of them require immediate medical treatment. Sometimes they can be treated at home as well. Examples of acute diseases are common cold, fever, appendicitis, strep throat, and influenza, etc. These do not need medical attention and can be treated at home unless not that serious. But in case of pneumonia and acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) requires medical attention and extended treatment until the patient is well enough to lead a healthy life.

On the other hand, chronic diseases are serious. They at least last for 3 months and are then considered a chronic illness. The chronic disease that is almost sure to end with death is called ‘terminal diseases’. They can get worse with time in contrast to acute diseases. They are mostly non-infectious. Mostly happen because of a long-term unhealthy lifestyle and diet. Treatments are sometimes not effective at all. Regular screening is needed to keep it at the bay. Examples of chronic diseases are cancer, AIDS, diabetes, arthritis, tuberculosis, etc.

Fruits and vegetables must be a part of everybody’s diet on an everyday basis. They naturally contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to keep our bodies healthy. But just eating these will not benefit the process is not known. So the role they play to prevent acute and chronic diseases is way important than we think.

According to Better Health Channel(n.d.), fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals like  A (beta-carotene), C and E, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous and folic acid. Folic acid can reduce the blood level of homocysteine which a risk factor for coronary heart disease.

Fruits and vegetables have a very low level of sugar, salt, and fat. They contain a good amount of fiber. They can also help in lowering cholesterol, blood sugar and losing or maintaining a healthy weight.

If fruits and vegetables are eaten every day the phytochemicals will lower the risk of many chronic and acute diseases like- Diabetes, Stroke, Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer, Hypertension, etc. The way the food is prepared and processed is an important factor. Sometimes wrong processing can reduce food value and destroy nutrients, According to Better Health Channel(n.d.), there are many healthy ways to eat fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetable consumption in addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary for every human being. Any bad habit of breaking the health rules can cause deadly diseases either acute or chronic. But the good habit can lower the chances of premature death by helping an individual to live a healthy and happy life. We are living with many diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and infections around us. It is our duty to lead a healthy lifestyle and keeping our immune system as strong as possible. Many research has proven that the role of fruits, vegetables, and a healthy lifestyle can prevent chronic and acute diseases. So we must do what is best for our health. After all, health is the most precious thing a man can achieve.

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Foods that help to fight Acute and Chronic Diseases Foods that help to fight Acute and Chronic Diseases Foods that help to fight Acute and Chronic Diseases Foods that help to fight Acute and Chronic Diseases