Homer │The Great History-Influential Greek Poet

The Great History-Influential Greek Poet - Homer

The Great History-Influential Greek Poet Homer

Homer is one of the most influential Greek poets who has played a significant role in western literature development. He was a classical poet mainly. He had become the epic poet by creating two classical- “the Iliad” and “the Odyssey.” 

He was the most vital voice of 850 BC. At that time, the Greek language had recently started to form. So, people needed strength and guts to work with those new alphabets. Homer ha showed that skill and made such verses that had meanings that can offer a new pathway to go ahead.

Homer was the opener of a unique way to talk in different systems that can reach every people. His ‘Iliad’ showed the siege of Troy or the Ilion that happened in the Trojan war. The ‘odyssey’ described the traveling description of Odysseus with his family from the Trojan war.

His strong writing style and powerful way to provide a message were evident in both of his creations. In the 8th century, Homer was someone who had offered nobleness through his simplicity of work. He did not spined with his words. Instead, his speech was direct and truth following. 

There are some mysteries with his works. Some people said that Homer’s epic tales could be the reflection of his own life. Actually, at that time, it was not easy to keep a record of those tales. Some people had memorized them, and some were lost somehow. That’s why there is not full of his works in hand.

But when there were almost no resources, even all alphabets were not well-develop, Homer created amazing tales. His magical power was evident in the pattern of arranging words at such a time. Homer is such a legend not only for greek literature development but also for literature worldwide.


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