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In what way does Look Back in Anger reflect the mood and temper of post-war England?

In what way does Look Back in Anger reflect the mood and temper of post-war England?
In what way does Look Back in Anger reflect the mood and temper of post-war England?

The play reminisces In Anger has generally been considered an expression of frustration, disillusionment, and anger of post-war youth. The play gives us a glimpse into the mood and temper of England after war II.
Jimmy porter has been considered the spokesman of that post-war generation. He represents all the generation that belongs to the post word period. The play may be a protest against contemporary society.

After the top of WW2, the British Labour Party came to the facility they introduced some social and economical reform to create a welfare state to their country. Yet some idealist young wasn’t satisfied with this social system.
Because the children found themselves within the same miserable position as they were previously.
This situation also faced by the hero of the play Jimmy porter. He tried many occupations but failed to calm down any of them. He tried to journalism, advertisement, even odd job vacuum clearing, then sweet selling.

Jemmy seems to rebel against the society which had betrayed the children and against an older generation which left them down.

jimmy feels that society has not treated him according to his desire. He regards himself and regarded by the author because of the spokesman for the younger post-war generation looked round at the planet and located nothing right with it.

Jimmy as a true representative of post-war generation youth is additionally a revel against the category -distinctions made by society, and he found himself a victim of it.

Alison’s parents had opposed Alison’s marriage with him as he wasn’t perfect for her because Alison belongs to the bourgeoisie and jimmy belongs to labor people. Jimmy couldn’t forget the past though he now married Alison and it’s been four years, but he features a bitter attitude towards Alison’s family.

We find him mocking about Alison’s father who served in British Raj, and he also mocked his mother calling her a bitch .

Helena Representative of the arrogant bourgeoisie. Who has also been showing as a forceful woman?

When the play opens we discover Jimmy speaking during a discontent, restless manner. Cliff though has no education but he seems to be more mannered then Jimmy.

There are reasons for his temperate as a post young educated man he has not given anything from society.

He is discontented with the Sunday newspaper. He is discontented together with his wife’s Alison and dissatisfied with the cliff.

He complains about his wife that she hardly hear him, but goes to sleep when he begins to talk.
His friend cliff is ignorant to know the newspaper.

The ringing of bell annoys him because he against formal religion. He feels very irritated with Alison when he learns that she is going under the influence of Helena.
He then goes on to form fun of Bishop and therefore the woman who got kicked in a religious assembly.

Throughout the entire play, we discover Jimmy raging against, persons, institutions, and things of society.

Jimmy better experience of life as a past war youth. Despite the university degree that he holds, has not been ready to calm down in life.

To sum up, we can say jimmy as a mouthpiece of each child of the post-war period.

the generation of post-war many reasons to angry due to social distinction economic position contemporary tradition and therefore the failure of life make them be angry.



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