How to keep your SEO clients happy with SEO Reporting Tool

How to keep your SEO clients happy with SEO Reporting Tool

How to keep your SEO clients happy with SEO Reporting Tool

SEO reporting tool is a kind of analysis, where reporting is done by white label reporting tool which is the overall result on a website’s performance and quality. The main features of SEO reporting are organic traffic, keyword rankings, google score and lead generation position etc. of websites. SEO reports are like the progressive card showing SEO clients that the respective reporting tool is  helping them to achieve their goals. The aim of the SEO reporting tool is to cooperate it’s SEO clients to achieve the potential to improve the ranking position in various search engines.


In this article, we will explain important terminologies related to SEO reporting, such as 

  • what is meant by SEO reporting tools
  •  examples of SEO reporting tools 
  • white label SEO reporting tools and 
  • free SEO reporting tools etc.


We will discuss some points which will help to satisfy SEO clients and attract more SEO companies with SEO reporting tools. Moreover, the best SEO reporting tools in this age will be focused here. There are some white label SEO reporting tools, which offer free services for a while for SEO agencies.


For having more specific visualization about the satisfaction of SEO clients, we need to understand the terms and terminologies related to SEO reporting tools. So here are some explanatory lines of important terms connected to SEO reporting tools:

What is an SEO reporting tool?

An SEO reporting tool provides SEO reports which overviews the performances of websites in search engines. The main criterias of generating SEO reports are:

  • Domain metrics
  • Organic traffic
  • Ranking


Domain metrics: 

Domain Authority is a metric developed by SEO and research agencies where the tool measures the website’s potential to rank on search engines. This algorithm is nowadays considered as one of the most popular third party tools to measure domain strength. 

Organic Traffic: 

The visitors land on a website through using random search engines like Google or Bing, without any payment process, the term “organic traffic” is used to refer to those visitors. 


Ranking in SEO means the position obtained by a website in a search engine result page. Ranking of a website depends on various factors like similarity of the content with the search term, page speed, mobile-friendliness and quality of backlinks of that page etc.

Characteristics of an SEO reporting tool:

In this point, we are discussing about the functionalities and characteristics of an SEO reporting tool in a general sense:

  • Keyword Rankings: Tracks target keywords through the tool and accurates keyword ranking for respective search engines.
  • Backlink Analytics: Analyzes the backlings comprehensively of SEO clients websites for sorting out any broken links or insufficiency. 
  • Website Audit: Runs technical audit to find out on-site error which may damage SEO ranking of the website.
  • Competitor Analysis: Finds out the nearest competitor of a client’s website and analyzes the potentials or cons of the competing website and delivers results of comparison to the client. 

What is a White label SEO reporting tool?

White labeling is the process of adding a company’s own branding to another company’s product so that the respective company can present a merged front to SEO clients. The tool which executes the process is known as white label SEO reporting tool.

 Functions of white label SEO reporting tools:

  • Merge many data sources and be able to analyze.
  • Generate scheduled report automatically for clients 
  • Make customized reports according to the clients’ needs.
  • Generates changeable report template for reusing of customers

Suggestions of some essential tips to make SEO client happy:

In this part, we will try to suggest some effective thoughts to attach with your SEO reporting tool, which can serve efficiently to the SEO customers, and bring their satisfaction at the highest level. Here are the points to be discussed below:

    • Target-oriented reporting
  • Keyword Ranking Reporting
  • Organic traffic growth report
  • Technical SEO report 
  • Showing Progress Over Time
  • Showing new backlinks
  • Executive Summary Attachment
  • Availability of explanations of Metrics
  • SEO Dashboard Template
  • Simplicity of the report
  • Recommendation & Sharing Next steps
  • Proper Visualization of Reports

For having clear conception of each suggestion, here is the explanation of each point:

Target oriented reporting: 

Every SEO client has a different target or motivation behind his/her agency. To make a optimum SEO report to satisfy a client is to define his/her goal to achieve, for more specification-

  • By focusing the most important metrics that impacts on the website’s business, the goal of the client can be achieved
  • Covering the most important part, increasing traffic of a website is a must objective to achieve target of a website
  • Working according to the context of the client’s type, like for a client who has an e-commerce website, his/her SEO report needs to visualize sales/revenue of the website.


Keyword Ranking Reporting:

To assist your SEO client’s website to do better performance than other component websites, it is important to know which keywords your client wants to rank for, which will also bring client’s happiness. The functions of this section in SEO report are:

  • Indicating the position located for top keywords 
  • Showing the month-to-month change of position of keywords
  • Evaluating the traffic number is brought by each keyword

Organic traffic growth report:

Organic traffic growth is a vital target for every SEO agency to know an agency’s website’s popularity in search engines. Importances of including this section in SEO reporting are:

  • Attaching the section of inspecting organic or unpaid traffic evaluates the organic impression of SEO client’s website, thus increasing of organic traffic causes increasing of good impressions
  • Evaluating organic traffic source shows from which server the website is being more visited, or for which blog or image or metrics the website is being more visited
  • A SEO professional can develop the mostly visited content more professionally of SEO client’s website to achieve bigger number of organic traffic

Technical SEO report:

This section is very important for the SEO clients to be informed about the shortage or mistakes of their technical features of their website. Functions of this type of section are:

  • Notify the websites where their sites require improvement in technical issue
  • Audit every headings, images, links of every webpage to give in-depth overviews of websites’ technical performance
  • Delivers all-encompassing review of the websites from top to bottom

Showing progress Over Time:

Every client wants to be progressive after he/she hires SEO professionals or takes help from SEO agencies. Functions of this section are:

  • SEO reporting tool provides a section where the client can see the progress of his/her website.
  • Sorting out key performance indicators of the website to visualize the improvement.
  • Providing the option of comparing in time frames like month to month, year to year or day to day.

Showing new backlinks:

Functions of this extension are-

  • Including backlinks built for clients inside SEO report
  • Implementing link building strategy to help in ranking up in search engines.
  • Sorting out if any broken links inside the webpage.

Executive Summary Attachment:

For a quick to read option, a summary of the whole report is needed to be attached. Importance of attaching executive summary of a SEO report is written below-

  • To point out the result of examining the website, which works are done excellently and which contents still need to improve
  • To display the key information within a page to catch the attention of the client
  • Giving small explanation of each section helps clients to understand the report and makes realisation of what contents need to be improved

Availability of explanations of Metrics:

Many terms and metrics of a reporting tool and final result may not be understood by the SEO clients. That’s why a professional or agency needs to attach explanations of metrics and graphs and charts of the SEO report. Like-

  • Explain the terms that are important in each section of the report
  • Give proper title and axis label to make it reachable to clients
  • Add description of SEO terms and acronyms

SEO Dashboard Template:

This section includes-

  • Overall SEO metrics of a website
  • List of newly acquired links
  • Showing how many links are added
  • Aggregated domain authority of new backlinks

Simplicity of the report:

This is a suggestion which makes your SEO report more understandable to every type of SEO client who is connected with you. Advantages of using this suggestion in your SEO report are-

  • Customers find their SEO reports easily readable, which makes the reports digestible to them
  • Keeping simplified dashboard of Key Performance Indicators in one page helps to have ideas about the overall report at a glance
  • Avoiding overwhelming data keeps SEO reports simple and interesting. 
  • Keeping minimum technical jargon makes the report easy to layperson to understand.


Recommendation & Sharing Next steps:

Providing thoughtful recommendations and suggesting the steps to remove mistakes adds more value to a SEO report. For more specification-

  • Make comments on the improvement of any content
  • Can recommend another ad campaign
  • Can suggest new keyword to try to rank

Proper Visualization of Reports:

A SEO report needs to be visually pleasant to create an aura of professionalism. SEO experts suggest that attractive visualization of a report reaches the satisfaction of SEO customers quickly. Some important points of making a SEO report visually complete-

  • Keep the report bite-sized so that reader can digest it easily
  • Keep charts and graph that are pleasant to watch and shareable
  • Data driven informations should have sophisticated colour chrome to reduce the monotony of concrete data

Features of Best SEO Reporting Tools: 

SEO reporting tools which encompasses not only the entire reporting functions and sections but also provide some more additions which are responsible to consider them as the best SEO tools for SEO clients. Features of best SEO tools may like:


  • Helping websites making more contents that engage customers 
  • Provide prioritize tasks by building automated report
  • Facilitating the option of translating reports into different languages
  • Bringing more organic traffic to website
  • Provide to track national and international searches to attract more users 
  • Provide to have page optimization by suggesting improvements
  • Providing easy monitoring system of backlinks metrics of SEO client’s website
  • Helping in boosting websites ranking
  • Having relevant data visualization to describe more trusted stories about client’s website
  • Helping in sorting out broken and lost backlinks
  • Providing calculated metrics to put more meaningful insights
  • Having a option of generating XML sitemaps
  • Providing a free trial for a certain period so that more customers may attracted to generate SEO reports specially beginners

Examples of some of the best SEO reporting tools to keep SEO clients happy:

SEMrush, MOZ, Ahref, SEO Audit Software, Google Analytics and Site Bulb etc.

 Features of Best White Label SEO Reporting Tools:

Here are some points which are considered as the features of the best white label SEO reporting tools:

  • Having the option to send several reports highlighting respective segments of the similar data sets to several team members
  • Providing the huge number of data stream assimilations available for reporting
  • Having the option of report customization
  • Providing pdf files of reports
  • Including algorithm of tracking google maps, local keywords 
  • Having a section where comparison between competitors is included.

Examples of some best white label SEO audit tools:

SEO Audit Software, Rank Ranger, Bright Local, Report Garden 

Free SEO reporting tools:

Here are some features of free SEO reporting tools-

  • Provides on-site score of the website 
  • Crawls down contents, meta data, images to find any mistake
  • Provides improvement speeches against mistakes
  • May provide backlink scores also
  • Provides technical reporting

Examples: SEO Audit Software, WebFx, Report Garden, and SEOptimer etc.

SEO reporting is a very important and critical term to develop the clients’ websites’ strategy and quality. A self sufficient and all encompassing SEO report not only borrows the happiness of the clients but also increases the clients’ website traffic number, upgrades ranking position and after all works like a mirror of a website. 

SEO report is the best way to not only develop the websites according to the correction, but also including consumers or clients needs. It is very essential to achieve and reserve SEO clients satisfaction for a SEO professional or SEO agency who generates SEO reports through their SEO reporting tools. 

This article suggests some extensions, sections and additions which can enrich and modify the present SEO reporting tool and generate more professional and user-oriented SEO reports to keep clients happy and satisfied.  

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