Michael Madhusudan Dutt Paragraph

Michael Madhusudan Dutt Paragraph
Michael Madhusudan Dutt Paragraph

Michael Madhusudan Dutt 

Michael Madhusudan Dutt is one of the foremost personalities of the Bengali renaissance, one of the best Bengali poets and playwrights, author of the nineteenth century, and the first successful poet of modern Bengali literature. Madhusudan Dutt was born on 25 January 1824 in Sagardari village of Keshabpur Upazila of Jessore district to an aristocratic Hindu Kayastha family. Kolkata’s Sadar civil court’s renowned lawyer Rajnarayan Dutta and Jahnabi Devi were Michael Madhusudan Dutta’s parents and he was their first and only child. Madhusudan’s early education began with his mother Jahnavi Devi.  At the age of thirteen, Madhusudan attended a local school in Calcutta, and after some time he was admitted to the then Hindu College (now Presidency University).

Madhusudan was a very meritorious student. So very soon Michael became College Principal Captain D. L. Richardson’s favorite student.  Richardson instilled a love of poetry in Madhusudan. As a result, at the age of eighteen, he became ingrained ambitious to go abroad and to become a great poet. Then Madhusudan converted to Christianity in his youth and took the name Michael Madhusudan. Being absorbed in Western literature, he concentrating on writing in English literature. But foreign natives never accepted him. In the second phase of his life, Madhusudan became attracted to his mother tongue.

At that time he started composing plays, comedies, and poetry in Bengal. Michael Madhusudan is the pioneer of a sonnet and Amitrakshara rhymes in Bengali.  Michael’s greatest work is the epic poem Meghnadabadha Kavya based on the anecdote of Ramayana in Amitrakshara verse. His other mentionable books are The Captive Lady, Sharmistha, Krishnakumari (drama), Padmavati (drama), Buro shaker share roo, What is called civilization, Tilottamasambhav kavya, Birangana kavya, Brajangana kavya, Chaturdashpadi, etc. Michael Madhusudan Dutta was several linguists also.

Not only their mother tongue, but he also knew more than twelve languages. Language education started through education of the Persian language from the village toll in his childhood. then In addition to English, he could talk effortlessly in Latin, Greek, Persian, Hebrew, Telugu, Tamil, etc. He could even write poems in Persian and Italian. His extraordinary talent has made an outstanding contribution to Bengali literature. Bengali literature is especially indebted to him. He died on 29 June 183 at Alipore General Hospital in a penniless state and was buried on Sakdhular Road in Calcutta.  In the last stages of his life, the great poet has left a mark of his deep love for his homeland in unforgettable lines.  The following poem is inscribed on his grave:

“ Passer-by, if born In Bengal! Wait,

 Just a moment!  At the gravesite

 Here is sleeping the great  Poet, Sri Madhusudan,

 ( In that way a child sleep fearlessly in the mother’s lap )

son of the Datta dynasty! Father Dutta Mahamati Rajnarayan,

  mother Janani Jahnavi

birthplace Kapotaksh-shore in Jessore, Sagardari “  ( translated poem)

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