Multitasking – Is it good or bad ?

Multitasking - Is it good or bad

             Multitasking – Is it good or bad?

Multitasking means doing lots of things together. And we call them multitaskers when someone does multitask. We all us do multitasking sometimes. But does it produce more productivity or it decreases productivity? It seems productivity increases but if we think about it logically, it decreases productivity. 

Multitasking distracts the mind. Because whenever we do any work, our brain gives us direction towards the work. But after switching to another work, our brain changes the direction and get distracted. For example, we are doing an assignment on productivity. Suddenly a message pops up and we check the phone. What’s the big deal here then? The problem is we will forget the thoughts of the assignment and after a while, it will make us lazier to finish the task.

It interrupts another work and it takes more time to finish it. Suppose we are playing cricket on a field and we also attend phone calls, again and again, obviously it will interrupt our game. And will take much time to finish it. Neither we can play the game properly nor attend the calls properly.

It always hampers another work. How much we are professional or experienced in doing multitasking, always hampers. When we are in a meeting, it is more important to attend it properly. But what if do we start eating then? And do not give proper attention to the meeting? It will tend us to miss the important information about the meeting. So, ultimately multitasking does hamper work.

It creates confusion and hyper. Suppose we are preparing two or three different hand notes together. Psychologists have proved that we can keep only about five to nine pieces of information in our minds at a time. We must be confused at some time and ultimately it will create hyper.

Yes, in the end, we all are different human beings. Many people can function better in doing multitasking. But in most cases, we cannot perform better in multitasking. In research, it has been proved that multitasking lowers IQ by 10 points and lowers productivity by 40%. Obviously, we should avoid multitasking and start doing single-tasking and stay focused on our work. We should prioritize our work serially and complete them one by one. Because in our daily lifetime management is very important. And it will help our work to be done faster and better.


Multitasking - Is it good or bad Multitasking - Is it good or bad Multitasking - Is it good or ba