Write a Composition —- My Childhood Memory

Write a Composition —- My Childhood Memory
Write a Composition —- My Childhood Memory

My Childhood Memory

The memories of childhood always remain fresh in the minds of people. Childhood memories never go into oblivion. Because childhood does not appear to us only with joyous events and it also appears with some sorrowful events to us. Man has a tendency to turn back to past memories from the present. There is a saying that the lost days were better days. My childhood haunts me like a passion. Whenever I am sick of the present, I try to get relief in the past days of my childhood.

I was born in the village Majhina under the Narayanganj district. The river Sitalakshaya flows through the district and just by the east side of our village. In all the seasons, this river was a source of pleasure for me and my friends. We played together on the bank of this river, we used to row on the river, jump into it, and swim in it.

The village of maktab was another interesting place in my childhood. An old erudite Moulvi who loved me affectionately used to teach us there. A large number of boys and girls used to attend the maktab every morning. We would learn lessons in a deafening noise. Many interesting incidents would happen when we attended the maktab.

When the school bell rang for break, we used to run in groups and wandered around the green land before returning home. We stole fruits from trees that belonged to others. Sometimes, we would forget to eat our midday meals. There was a bush near our school. We always searched for birds there and if found, we would steal them. During holidays when my mother went to sleep at noon, we went to the railway line. There I together with other children gathered pebbles. We watched with wonder how the train passed. However, my mind is filled with joy when I recollect my sweet memories of childhood. But my mind becomes obsessed with grief when I recollect that bad event when my dearest Moulvi of the village maktab passed away. I can never forget my childhood. It was the best period of my life. Life was totally carefree then. When I sit idle alone after a tiring day’s work, my childhood memories make me nostalgic. That was really a joyous period in my life.


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