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My Hobby
My Hobby

My Hobby

Hobby means one’s favorite occupation , but not one’s main business. It may not bring him money, but it gives him immense joy and pleasure. A man must have a hobby to enjoy a sound mind and sound health. A man can not enjoy his leisure properly without a hobby.
A hobby is nothing but an alternative mental occupation. Winston Churchill defines it as an alternative mental interest. It gives us joy and pleasure but we do not pay for it. A man cannot enjoy his leisure without a hobby. Without it, life becomes dull and monotonous. Different persons have different tastes and temperaments. Some choose gardening, some choose to catch fish, some like collecting stamps, some like painting, and so on. Whatever may be the hobby, it has its own values. I am a student of class X. I also have a hobby and my favorite hobby is gardening.
Some of my friends term it as a waste of time. But I do not think so. Formerly, I was a thinner boy and fell sick very often. But now I am a healthy boy.

My garden is in front of my house. I have put a fence around it so that cattle or naughty children can do no harm to the plants and flowers. I have various kinds of flower plants in my garden such as the rose, The Beli, The Sheuli, the dahlia, etc. Whenever I get time, I go into my garden and work there. I weed out the grass, water the plants, and sow seeds of new flowers. When the tender flower plants blossom forth, 1 become overjoyed. On holidays, I work more in my garden.
gardening makes one happy; when one is tired of studying or staying indoors, gardening gives one the opportunity to make light work outside. Moving around in the garden is also a kind of exercise for the body. A garden is also beneficial, as it provides people with flowers and vegetables.
Sometimes, my friends, neighbors, and relatives visit my garden. They become very glad to see my garden and they appreciate Mr very much. I am very glad to choose this hobby because it has improved my body and mind. It is helpful to me in various ways. First of all, it makes me forget my worries and anxieties. It relieves me from my routine-bound work. So, people should adopt hobbies for their own betterment.

While in my garden I remain so engrossed with the plants that I forget all worldly worries and anxieties. A divine peace descends on me. I come out of the garden with a fresh body and a light heart.


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