My reading table Short Paragraph for kids

My reading table

My reading table

I spend most of the time with my reading table when I am at home. This is the favorite piece of furniture. A reading table is very essential for every student. I am a student and I have a nice reading table which consists of some other necessary items. There are three main things that I will describe it and they are laptop books and table calendars.

The first one is a book, which is considered as the best companions of students in a real sense, and it is said that they are also best friends of students. In my reading table, it is my priority. It can be my academic books or can be jobs-related books, or any other books. As of now, I am doing my undergrad, most of the books are my academic books on my reading table. Nowadays, many students like to read pdf versions of books, but I prefer to read hard copies of books. That gives me the extra pleasure of reading the book and I feel actual happiness of reading. When I am reading anything from a hard copy of a book, I can easily underline any important topics that I need to remember later. They play a significant role in a student’s life. It gives plenty of joy to students, and we learn a lot of things from books. They can take us into a unique world of imagination and improve our standard of living. For this reason, it goes to my favorite item on my reading table.

The most favorite item on my reading table is my laptop. It is more useful in our life because of the technological tools it offers combined with its portability. Not only it is more popular for entertaining purposes but also for study purposes as many educational institutions started their activities online. As I am a student, it is how important for me I felt when the COVID-19 pandemic started because I can join online classes. It saves my time when taking notes by hand can be time-consuming, but typing into a document can be time-saving and another thing, when I get stuck on anything related to my study I can google it. In this pandemic, we couldn’t do our group study physically, but we can facilitate our group study online with my laptops easily and I can easily reach my friend in any location. Also, I can access all resources of my university journal, online research, slides, videos, and so on. Moreover, the laptop is my very essential item on my reading table.


The third and last favorite item on my reading table is my calculator. It was placed very near my hands. It is another most important item for my study when I do study my math-related subjects. It promotes higher-order thinking and reasoning needed for problem-solving in our information and technology-based society. This assists me in increasing my understanding of and fluency with arithmetic operations, algorithms, and numerical relationships and enhances my motivation. And it also saves my time like my laptop.

“Our Environment changes our attitude.” This is the only quote that you have to keep in mind before everything in life. Let’s suppose that you have one particular place in your room in which you are always sleeping. So this place becomes your sleeping area now when you are sitting in a sleeping area to study your subject, after a long time you will feel sleepy and tired. For this reason, a proper reading table is important for long hours of study. My reading table is like a thing where I can study for a long time without any distractions which combined with my favorite items are books, laptop and calculator, and so on.

Lockdown Chronicles: Rethink, Restart, Recreate.

Like other countries, Bangladesh has also imposed a country-wide lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic as the country’s 1st coronavirus case reported on 8 March’20. When the lockdown started, the whole country turned into a place of fear, a place of frustration, and a place of uncertainty. Like my other friends, I wasn’t able to meet with my family due to lockdown and other safety issues. But, I couldn’t stop myself as I kept myself busy with some skill-related online courses. That was my rethinking level from this pandemic. When I was starting something new, I got to hope to restart again and recreate my future to an amazing level.

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