Write a Paragraph —- —– Our National Flag

Write a Paragraph —- ----- Our National Flag
Write a Paragraph —- ----- Our National Flag

Our National Flag

The national flag is the symbol of independence to a nation. Every independent country in the world has its separate national flag. We are also an independent nation. The name of our country is Bangladesh and we are Bangladeshi by the nation. So we have a national flag of our own. Our national flag is the simplicity of our nation.

Our national flag is very beautiful to look at. It is rectangular in size, the length and breadth are 5:3 in proportion. There is a round red portion in the middle. The remaining portion is deep green in color. When the flag is hoisted it looks very nice and inspiring. It appears that a red sun is shining on a land full of green color. Our national flag conveys deep meaning. The green portion denotes freshness and liveliness. The rising sun indicates our promising life and prosperity in the future. Ours is a new state, we are proud to think that our nation and country are equal to any nation a country in the world. The bottle green color stands for the everlasting freshness, youth, vigor, and vitality of our nation. It is also the symbol of our national brilliance and past glory. The national flag shows the sovereignty of our country when it flows by the wind.

In schools, colleges, and other Govt. institutes or offices, the national flag is hoisted. On some special days which are regarded as important for our nation, the national flag is kept half-mast. The free movement of the national flag shows the independence of our country and uphold the dignity of us as an independent nation over the world. The national flag signifies our dignity and prestige. It is achieved through the incomparable sacrifice of the life of the lives of our heroic sons. So, it is our duty to preserve its honor.