Nuptial love maketh mankind,friendly love perfect it

Nuptial love
Nuptial love

”  Nuptial love maketh mankind, friendly love perfect it; but wanton love corrupteth and embaseth it ” Comment.

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As the statement shows that love is of diverse nature and forms. The first kind is nuptial or conjugal love. In conjugal life, a person is engaged not in any single relationship. Rather love is offered to the family- a group of people. Moreover, a person is involved with rearing his children who would carry generation to the future. So this sort of love makes man humane. The second category of love is extended to a larger section of people i.e. friendly love. When love is extended to a greater section of people, a person has to sacrifice his false vanity to serve the purpose of others. All the time, he has to engage in this thought that he needs to deliver good to others. The third type of love is ” wanton ” love. This is the worst type of love. It grows out of belongingness for one or a few. It degrades human dignity and his faculty.


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