Summary of Poem in October by Thomas

Poem in October
Poem in October

Poem in October Summary


‘ Poem in October ‘ by Thomas tells of a speaker’s journey out of autumn and up a hill to reclaim childhood joy, the summer season, and his spirituality.

The poem begins with the speaker stating that he was thirty years old when he wrote this. it had been his birthday and he chose to travel on a walk. He left his home, traveled alongside the water’s edge, listened to the seabirds, and therefore the woods.

The speaker left the town behind and commenced a climb up a close-by hill. As he rose the town shrank. At an equivalent time, the season began to vary. Autumn, and it’s cool air, faded away and therefore the summer returned. The rain continued as he climbed, as did the presence of birds. These two images are crucial to the speaker’s understanding of happiness and childhood.

When he finally need to the highest of Capitol Hill it had been like he had reached heaven. He was far above the coolness of autumn and he became absorbed with memories of his childhood. The speaker recalled coming to his place together with his mother and what it meant to him them. He hoped while on Capitol Hill that the enjoyment he experienced will last throughout the year. Perhaps he will return to reclaim it when he turns thirty-one.

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