Overcome the fear of public speaking by following some simple 5 rules

public speaking
public speaking

Overcome the fear of public speaking by following some simple rules

Speaking is an art. People will remember you with your small piece of speech for a long time if you can deliver one useful and delicate. These days, speaking nicely, giving a handsome presentation, delivering a good speech are not something of an extra-ordinary skill, rather it is very basic. But you can make particularly your own way of talking very distinct from others, you can make it art! We often have to give presentations in our institutions.

In business competitions, one needs to pitch for one's business idea properly and convincingly. If you have a sharp skill of talking before public
properly, there will be so many opportunities open for you out there. Overall you will become a smarter person than the others!

Does it surprise you that people like Abraham Lincoln, Prince William, Warren Buffett had a fear for public speaking? These people are bound to talk publically. How did they overcome and make it at last?

Warren Buffett had a kind of anxiety till he was 21 years old. At 21, he decided to take a course on public speaking. He knew that he had to solve his problem out, either sooner or later. He didn’twaste his time when he realized so. I suggest you do the same. There are some tips for you:

1. Mental preparation: It may sound a bit absurd at first. The thing is, we have to take mental preparation before doing almost anything important. For public speaking or presentation, mental preparation involves your mind sorting out how you are going to make it. You do not have to sit somewhere and think about it for hours. You can make it while doing regular works. It is like, you think of it even while you are eating, watching tv, browsing the internet, and whatever. The more you will picture it in your mind, the easier it will become. If you just go and stand on the stage without any mental preparation, it will make you more nervous.
The stage, the large audience, the guests will not put you in unease if you picture it a thousand times in your mind before coming to the stage. Everything will look familiar to you and reduce your anxiety.

2. What you want to say: You will give a speech or presentation with a certain motive or goal, right? Think about the topic, think about what you want to say about it. You have your own opinion, try to make it sound ear-catching.
Your thoughts might be simple and common but they can be expressed outstandingly. Make
your speech set in a good way so that people feel like they are hearing a story. Choose your words wisely. You should not make the sentences long. Try to keep it as easy as you can. You can include your real-life story in it. You can start your speech with an interesting story of some popular person. It is an easy way to attract people fast.

fear of public speaking

3. An outline: It is the most important thing you have to do before any kind of presentation. You have to outline your speech. Some people suggest writing the whole speech down. You can do that too. But it is sometimes hard to deliver a written speech if your memorizing ability is not that strong. Sometimes it creates extra pressure when you cannot deliver it just the way you wrote. Actually, you do not even have to make it word by word. You know what you want to say, write down the basic points and important parts. You should not have a piece of paper in your hand while delivering the speech. It does not give a good impression. You should rehearsal at home. You can request your family members or friends to be your audience.

4. Communicate with the audience: This is maybe the hardest part for those who have public speaking anxiety. When Prince William grew older, his eyesight became weaker, which helped him with his facing the audience. In his words, “When I gave speeches, I couldn't see anyone's face. And it helps because it's just a blur of faces. I can see enough to read the paper and stuff like that–but Icouldn't actually see the whole room. And, actually, that really helps with my anxiety.”
If looking at audiences makes you nervous you can simply look at the wall or an empty place. But remember it has to be around the people. It can be a wall behind the people, so when you keep your eye on the wall they feel like you are looking at them.
Communicating with audiences properly will make your speech beautiful. Make your face muscles lose. Just be easy like you are talking with some friends. Try to put a smile on the face, keep your voice clear.

5. Be interactive: Most fruitful and memorable speeches are those which involve interaction with the listeners. When you go pitch for your ideas, you should interact with the judges properly. If you are on the stage of a big program, interacting with the audiences will bring liveliness to the whole thing. It will make you a great speaker. Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest speeches delivered in the world, had a fear of facing people too. Yet in his mind, he knew that he had to make it, he had messages to give people. He was a great speechwriter. Eventually, he was able to put his remarkable speech ‘Gettysburg Address' in front of thousands of people. These were guidelines for speeches on selected topics in general. For extempore speech, the steps are the same. They have to be done within a short time. A sharp execution of great ideas makes a great speech. But a great speech does not make you a good speaker. confidence is what you need. Hope you can prepare yourself well enough with the tips given above. Best wishes!

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