Home Honours Do you think Bacon’s ” Of Revenge ” is a unified essay

Do you think Bacon’s ” Of Revenge ” is a unified essay

Of Revenge
Of Revenge

Do you think Bacon’s ” Of Revenge ” is a unified essay or dispersed quotations, counsels necessary ?



Bacon’s essay ” Of Revenge ” is a unified piece of prose that is very much like many of his other essays. Those typical essays are often quickly judged as ‘ undigested piece, and a loose sally of the mind made up of dispersed quotations, counsels necessary Moreover, Bacon himself has termed them as ‘ Counsels Civil and Moral. These criticisms often lead us to form a false idea about his essays concluding that they lack essential unity. But a careful examination of the essay “ Of Revenge ” reveals that the essay is built on tightly placed arguments that strongly support the opening topic sentence ‘ Revenge is a kind of wild justice ‘. Bacon applies two sets of arguments. The greater part contributes to discouraging revenge. Revenge puts the law out of office. It is ignoble. It ignores the weakness and selfishness of man’s nature. It is superior to forgive the wrong for which men take revenge. The second set of arguments maintains that revenge is allowable when it has no remedy in the eyes of law. It is nobler when taken openly and public revenge is generally fortunate. Several quotations and allusions from the Bible and history are used to strengthen these arguments. Therefore, it contributes to a single topic sentence. obvious that of Revenge ” is a unified essay where every detail contributes to the single topic sentence.



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