School life in Lockdown Paragraph

School life in Lockdown
School life in Lockdown

 School life in Lockdown 

School life is a golden period for every student. These are called sometimes the best days. Students are most enjoyed in school life, Get ready for school, a  curiosity what teacher told me! So many fun things are done in school life.  

But nowadays, school life turns totally different because of a pandemic. Every student (class 1-12) all are now doing their class on the online platform. Zoom meetings, google duo, and skype is now being their classroom. They wake up early morning, dress up for their class but in different modes. At the sharp class time, they enter their class, but in different types. They enter in an online app. Teacher start their class, all things are doing smoothly,  students give their test or quiz. But in online mode. Sometimes students feel bad or boring this type of class. They don’t go outside for their play station in tiffin time or don’t enjoy quality time with their friends. 

We know that we all are passing a tough time because of this covid 19. Children suffer so much, they missed their school,  friends, teacher. They also miss their school life, playground, and classroom. Before this situation (covid 19) they always went to their school,  enjoyed with their friends, learn something new era and so many things. But nowadays it’s a totally different situation now. 

Students or children also accept this school. They also accept this situation. They understand that situation is very bad in the whole world and it’s not good for them to go outside, they felt bored at home but also accept these also. Parents are also doing a great job for them. They know that what their children want or want to do. Parent’s also learn something new for their children,  that’s why they applying it to their children, try something new idea and creativity with their children. Hat’s off to all parents. They really create a new thing or new lifestyle with their children, they also know about safety for their children. 

Really this Pandemic learned so many things, and one of the things is school life n  online. How can take the class online or online is the main part of life for education? The situation is totally changed now. All are dependent on this technology, for life or survival. Really, hopefully, this situation removed from our life very soon, especially for  students and children


School life in Lockdown School life in Lockdown School life in Lockdown School life in Lockdown