Write a Paragraph —- —– A School Magazine

Write a Paragraph —- ----- A School Magazine
Write a Paragraph —- ----- A School Magazine

A School Magazine


A school magazine is an annual or periodical publication of a school. Through it, the students and teachers can have the opportunity to show their creative power. I like it very much because it plays an important role in one’s school life. Students can express their hidden thoughts and feelings to other students. There they may be introduced to others with their intellect. Students can exercise literature through it. in order to publish the school magazine committee is formed.

The principle remains that chief patron. The committee works according to the advice and guidance of the Advisors. The editor of the school magazine is a teacher. The articles that find a place in a college magazine usually include poems, short stories, jokes, one-act play, riddles, and other writings relating to school affairs. The writings of the EX students and teachers also find a place in a school magazine. The editor at first invites writing from the teachers and the students for the magazine. Then the best writings are selected for publishing. Mainly students and teachers bear the expenditure for the publication of the magazine. A fund is formed named ‘magazine fund’ for this. A school magazine has great importance in school life.

A student can express his latent talent through it Students can know about their school. They can also enrich their knowledge. Every school should publish a school magazine. It is a part and parcel of school life. we get our best content from our school magazine. We can learn so many things from the magazine every year. It helps us to be better writers. So, it can be said that a school magazine is like a mirror of a school.