Short Notes: Squire Allworthy, Tom Jones

Short Notes : Squire Allworthy, Tom Jones
Short Notes : Squire Allworthy, Tom Jones


Squire Allworthy


Squire Allworthy was a rich gentleman of the district named Somersetshire.  This gentleman was greatly favored by both nature and fortune.  He was physically pretty handsome and in his youth be Jones to confess herself to be the mother of the founding Tom Miss indeed married later on Captain Blifil and gave birth to Master Blifil married a very beautiful lady who gave birth to three children by Short Notes Squire  Allworthy Squire Allworthy was a rich gentleman of the district named because all his three children had died in their infancy.  He was also Him. 


He was the honorary Magistrate.  He was unlucky as a father unfortunate as a husband because his beautiful and loving wife died o earlier leaving him alone with a lot of his properties.  Mr.  Allworthy had only a sister named Miss Bridget to look after him.  Mr.  Allworthy is a godlike character in this novel.  The plot of this novel Tom Jone begins in his bedroom and he plays the most vital role to construct the body and soul of this novel.  It is Squire Allworthy who brings the novel to its end.


Tom Jones


Tom Jones is the hero or the protagonist of the novel.  He is the name character of this novel and plays the most vital role from the beginning to the end.  The whole story of this novel revolves around the birth and bringing up of Tom Jones, Tom Jones was a foundling who was discovered one day in the bed of Squire Allworthy.


 Nobody knew who was Tom’s father and mother.  As a baby, he was very lovely and grew up as a very handsome youth.  As a child, he was very favorable to Mr.  Allworthy and his sister Miss Bridget.  As he grew up as a young man he was so captivating in physic and personality that a lot of young women fell in his love at the first sight.  He was a courageous and kind-hearted man who took risks several times to help distressed people.  He had all the qualities of being a hero of the hovel.  But had to suffer a lot for those heroic qualities.