Write a Paragraph —- —– A Street Accident

A Street Accident
A Street Accident

A Street Accident


Nowadays a street accident has become a very common incident/affair in towns and cities in Bangladesh. It is one of the major problems here. Every day we can see many dangerous street accidents in newspapers and on TV screens. People’s carelessness, narrow roads, traffic violations are the main causes of street accidents. Every day we can hear news of a street accident.

I have also witnessed a serious street accident. Last Sunday a terrible road accident took place just before my eyes at 4 pm. After college, I was returning home along the college road on foot. Then a little boy was trying to cross the busy road. At the same time a cruel the bus was coming at high speed.

The driver tried his best to control the speed but he failed. The cruel bus ran over the innocent boy and fled away. The boy couldn’t get time to move on. At once I ran to the spot and found the boy lying in a pool of blood. I took him to Serail Upazila Health Complex by taxi. But it is regretful that the wounded boy passed away on the way to the hospital.I was so shocked by this incident. I had come to know that he was a bright student of class nine of Shahbajpur High School in Sarail Upazila. I returned home with a heavy heart. Careless and reckless driving is the principal cause of street accidents in our country.

Drivers should maintain the traffic rules and also should drive their car/bus at a limited speed. Public unawareness is another main cause of a road accident. Both the drivers and the passers-by must follow traffic rules properly in order to overcome(avoid)road accidents. People must be conscious when they pass a road. They shouldn’t use the Mobile phone is this time.

If we all can be aware, we can prevent street accidents properly.