‘It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.’ – Charles Darwin

2020 got us all agitated, anxious and frazzled. We are stuck here in our home with a mind full of agony and the idea of escapism lures us more than ever. The falling economic scene cannot go unnoticed and is evidently the largest economic shock the world has experienced in decades. Businesses have a rough time going on and unemployment hit 10%, but joblessness is still higher than the peak of many past downturns. The future is still so perplexing. Amidst all the changes and diversity, people are challenged economically as well as the scenario of daily life has changed. As the world shut down, the new normal ‘work from home’ got pretty popular among the crowd.LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr and all the online working platform got much more logins than ever.

New skillset and new work environment are undoubtedly the ‘new normal’. We are all looking for ways to survive, but with time the pandemic keeps hitting us harder than before. Now, with all these going on, the idea of doing something more than our 9-5 job keeps popping up in our head. With all the technologies that we are blessed with, it is very easy to develop any skill in 2020. So why not give it go? There are some really good sources available to develop skill in different learning platform (Coursera, Learn from Linked, Udemy) and with these skillsets, and a little bit of time, you are good to go out there and earn some bucks which will benefit you in this pandemic. So, here I will be discussing the most needed skills for you and why you should learn these. This will not only be beneficial for 2020 but these are the skills that you will always need as you go conquering the world.

  1. Writing: It is the skill by which you will be judged in your college, workplace and life as you go ahead. A good writer holds the power to create change in different aspects of life and society. The creative industries in the UK are currently valued at £92 billion (US$120.5 billion). Having a head full of imagination, and right words, you can nail this skill. With writing, you can go and some bucks as well by publishing your writing.
  2. Ideas: “New ideas pass through three periods.

1) It cannot be done.

2) It probably can be done, but it is not worth doing.

3) I knew it was a good idea all along.”, said Arthur C. Clarke. 

Being able to create new ideas help us to think out of the box and react to any change in a logical way. One idea solves one existing problem. Ideas present us with beneficial ways to solve any critical problem. This skill can be developed which will surely help us in the era of science and technology where every problem ceases to exist with a newborn idea.

  1. Investment: We need to understand the idea of investment to understand the business cycle. If you have a budget and have spare cash, you’ll be ahead of most individuals. The following step is to put your cash to work. It is a needed skill in the field of the carrier. Thank me later because it will be advantageous to you if you achieve this skill. This will also help you with your budget, money management, and retirement.
  2. Design: This skill holds a great value and it is one of the most growing industries right now. You can get hired by companies(High-Tec, start-ups, e-commerce). It is a huge part of any business, project, marketing strategy. This skill is developing worldwide currently. You will be glad to have this skill achieved and will reward you in many ways.
  3. Adaptability:2020 is all about adaptability. New environment, new ways to live, everything is changed and it is the beginning of a new era full of changes. It is essential to be able to adapt to any sudden changes in life or workplace. If you are always prepared for new responsibility, ideas, plans, failure or any massive changes then you will always adapt better. You will be ahead of your teammates. Adaptability rewards us with strength over us and helps us to move forward.
  4. Logical Reasoning: It is a skill through which you will be able to solve problems with a set of rules and logic.Dr. Karl Albrecht says that the basis of all logical thinking is sequential thought. It will lead you to your conclusion with the help of concept, fact and a certain procedure. It is an essential skill to develop in 2020 and with this skill, you can enhance the quality of your life and thrive in the sector of banking, criminology, market research, programming, journalism etc.
  5. The Basics Of Business: I am still new to this but the urge to achieve this skill always bugged me that I finally took some steps toward it. Without learning the basic business skill, you will lag behind the crowd. Having business knowledge will help you understand your audience of any form. Business is the key to so many things. As you will age toward life, you will feel the need for business knowledge even more than before.
  6. Digital Marketing: It is one of the biggest marketing essentials out there. Through digital marketing, you can connect with a huge audience in a way that is both cost-friendly and quantifiable. As of now, a huge part of grownups in the UK is in touch with technology. Which means you can easily target your audience, and get on work. Outreaching mobile purchasers is the key to grow your business.
  7. Self – Management: The first step of self-management is acknowledging our existing problems. We are always managing our surroundings but we often forget to manage our selves. Managing your self can look like a day with a good time table, 10-15 minute to spend only by yourself, not being overloaded with work, exercise, taking a break when the pressure is too much but most importantly not thriving for perfection and rewarding yourself after every achievement. This little but most important skill will surely reward you in life.
  8. Web Development: This is a very prime value that will benefit you on so many levels in life. You can do this as a freelancer or you can get hired by different companies. You can also start your own web-developing platform. The luring part about this skill is, you will be always on a run with this skill as the market of this job is always full. You can also go worldwide and leave some great workaround. If you are a tech-savvy, then this skill is a must-add on your list.


With this, we can infer that these are pretty much the most beneficial and needed skill of 2020. In this new era of adaptability and change, we must know how to cope up and stay ahead with advanced skills and knowledge. The list of needed skillsets will always keep going longer but with a little bit of time and effort, you can upgrade your current self and go around places once you are done acing these skills.