Write a Composition —- The season I like most

The season I like most
The season I like most

The season I like most


In Bangladesh, there appears a new season at an interval of every two months. Thus in a year, we have six seasons in Bangladesh. they are summer, the rainy season, autumn, late autumn, the winter, and the spring. In the cycle of seasons, the spring covers the months of Falun and Chaitra. of all the six seasons, I like the spring most.it is called ‘the king of seasons’.My favorite season is spring.


it is true that spring is the season of leaves and flowers. during winter all the leaves and flowers wither away. when it comes to spring, It increases trees with new leaves and flowers. it looks beautiful.


At the end of all the wait, spring, my favorite season, wakes up from the cold nature. His glorious position till the end of Chaitra. At this time the nature of Bengal really became the arena of seasons.


Just as nature emptied itself and arranged the throne of spring, so spring, like the real king, re-arranged nature in a new form. At various ups and downs throughout the year, the dry nature, the smell of the juice in a new form is ready to welcome the new Bengali Year again.


The spring comes with easy and comfort. It has neither the damp and humidity of the rainy season, nor the sweltering heat of the summer, nor the biting cold of the winter. The sky is blue. The south-west wind blows.


With the coming of this season. nature herself puts on a gay and lovely look. the charming scene of new leaves captivates the eyes. various kinds of flowers bloom in abundance. they make beauties to see. Their fragrance changes the atmosphere. butterflies move from flower to flower. their variegated wings make a sight for the eye. Bees come in swarms to gather honey. Their humming music fills the air. In fact, the spring is the season of music and melody. The cuckoo hides in bushes and coos. The ‘Bou Kotha Kau‘ draws the mind. coming after the winter harvest, the spring brings for the farmers plenty and happiness. During this season people are generally free from want. our poets are very much fond of the spring.


The infinite variety of its charms had made them fly ‘on the wings of poesy’.In fact, it makes everyone quite jolly and jovial. coming after the winter, the spring enchants the hearts of the people all at once. Though it consists of two months, its actual pleasure and spell last only for about three weeks in Falun. so when the summer follows, people bewail its hasty departure.

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